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$24.95 Rejuvenation Meditation for you at no charge! Just sign in below.


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Dear Friend,

I’m Patricia Morris Cardona and I’m so excited to tell you about Rejuvenation Exercises. Rejuvenation Exercises will make you happy, healthy, and hot!

I’m 58 years old, but if you look at my video and pictures, you can see I do not look or act like someone approaching 60. Most women my age won’t even tell you how old they are. They don’t feel good about the way they look. They are hoping they can hide their age. I don’t worry about my age because I look, feel and act like I’m in my mid thirties or early forties.

I did not always feel this way. When I was about to turn 40 I could not even say, “I’m going to be forty.” I couldn’t get the words out of my mouth, I’d stumble over “forty” every time I tried to say it. Why? Because I was afraid of what turning 40 meant.

I’d heard horror stories from other men and women talking about wrinkles, tiredness, lose of sexual appetite, and not being sharp mentally. They talked about diseases lurking around every corner. Diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, and menopause. I heard that men couldn’t even have sex without taking a pill.

I could see the signs of ageing in myself. I was getting crow’s feet by my eyes. It was harder to keep my weight under control. My cholesterol was borderline high. I was tired a lot. I was starting to experience changes in my sexual desire. Turning forty was no picnic for me. I decided I was not going to “age gracefully”.

I had been studying health, healing and spiritual practices for years. I began looking around at what other people had written about rejuvenation. I tried all the exercises, dietary practices, and vitamins suggested. Some of things I tried helped me maintain my health and youthfulness. But something was missing. I wasn’t satisfied with the results from any of the products I tried. And I was all about results. Not theories.

I knew I would find the missing ingrediant to prevent aging.

I decided to look at the scientific process of aging. I knew ageing occurred from an interruption or clogging in the circuits of energy in the body. An example of this is having a heart attack.

You have a heart attack, because the blood supply going to the heart has been cut off by clogged arteries. So we had to develop an exercise system that helped the energy circuits of the body stay open.

We had to keep the energy flowing in the body. Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by doctors that say ageing is a normal process and you have to succumb to it. Ageing is a disease process caused by stagnation of energy pooled In pockets inside the body that cause the body to lose energy, elasticity, and youthfulness.

I knew that there was a real scientific/spiritual connection with the flow of energy that comes to us from the Cosmos. Scientists today can measure the energy that comes from the Sun and the other Celestial Bodies of light in the Milky Way Galaxy. So I pulled out my books and studies from my Mayan teachers and began scrutinizing them to find the connection. I wanted to find a way to make a connection between the exercises I already knew and the energy flow from the universe.

I knew the way I felt in deep meditation at a Pyramid Site with my Mayan Elder and the amount of energy and healing that I could pull into my body during that experience. I wanted that kind of energy and feeling flooding into my body every day.

I spoke to my Mayan Elder about what I was trying to do and he guided me to a particular Pyramid for meditation. In deep meditation with the Mayan Pyramid I got my answer! Once I connected with the energy source of the Mayans, ignorance and resistance faded away and Rejuvenation Exercises was born.

The secret energy source of the Mayans skyrocketed my energy!

I started doing Rejuvenation Exercises for 5 minutes twice a day and my energy level sky rocketed. I went from awakening tired after 8 hours in bed to feeling wonderful after five or six hours in bed. I noticed that I looked better too. My weight was getting easier to control again and I liked the face looking back at me in the mirror.

I also had the wonderful experience of running into a friend of mine. I hadn’t seen her in awhile and she asked me what had I been doing? Had I been to a health spa or had a face lift? How was it that I was I looking years younger than the last time she saw me? I also noticed the admiring looks her husband was giving me too!

I discovered that the Rejuvenation and Healing was cumulative. The more years I practiced Rejuvenation Exercises, the younger I looked and the greater my energy was. Now I’m 58 and I need only 4 hours of sleep a night. I have more energy than people in their 20s and 30s too!

The other day I saw a client of mine I’d worked with when she was 30. She had just turned 40. We were both kind of shocked when we saw each other. I was shocked because she had gained so much weight and aged (of course I didn’t say that) but she she was shocked too. She said, “You look younger now then you did when I worked with you 10 years ago!”

I shared my secret with her. She is now doing Rejuvenation Exercises and getting her body and life under control too!

Did I mention sex?

Sex is now a wonderful part of my relationship with my husband.

Northern Kentucky Physician

Sex is now a wonderful part of my relationship with my husband. And I have found the positive results are the same for women and men. The men I know do Rejuvenation Exercise and they don’t use little blue pills. They enjoy sex now just the same as they did in their 20s and 30s.

You can be 80 years old and still enjoying a satisfying sexual relationship or you can be stuck in your longing for what you had in the past!

Carol Brown, Tampa, Florida

It’s impossible for Rejuvenation Exercises not to work for you! Here’s why.


Rejuvenation Exercises work by:

Give yourself the gift of health, longevity, happiness, and rejuvenation!

Experience radiant health, vibrant energy and be pleased every time you look into the mirror or get on the scale! Learn Rejuvenation Exercises and you will find out that there is a whole lot to be happy about and enjoy.

Thanks for caring about yourself and choosing to join me in these wonderful health practices that rejuvenated me and my life!
Love and Light, Patricia


Testimonials from my friends who care about themselves and practice rejuvenation exercises!

“I was so surprised that these rejuvenation exercises worked for me. I’ve studied and perform acupuncture and I study yoga so I know that the energy channels in the body can be affected positively with the use of healing practices, but my body actually got stronger and I became more youthful from doing these rejuvenation exercises! “ Pam Hill, RN, Lexington, KY.

“Patricia talked me into doing these rejuvenation exercises for a month. I was complaining about getting old and stiff. I turned 46 on my last birthday. I thought what the heck I have nothing to lose, I’ll try it. After doing them for one week I noticed I was starting to feel better, I had more energy and after one month my energy was really great and my stiffness was much better. Thank you Patricia!” Jack Beadie, Ecological Attorney, Cincinnati, OH.

"This program really helped me. Now when I come home from work I have more energy
than I did before and my days are smoother. If I do feel out of balance or tired I just do the Rejuvenation Exercises and I feel like a million bucks. Not to mention the fact that my friends are noticing that I look younger!”
Cynthia Thompson, Lexington, KY.

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Rejuvenation Exercises

The Rejuvenation Exercises DVD, you will be excited and amazed as you begin using these simple Secret Exercises of the Mayans. I do them for 5 minutes each day and everyone thinks I am 10 years or more younger then I am! You will discover many amazing advantages once you start doing them. You may gain improved health, improved concentration, a greater amount of energy and a younger appearance. These exercises are Ancient and have been used for thousands of years. Isn't it wonderful that you get to benefit from them without having to travel to a foreign land or spend years in study before they are shared with you?!

A Rejuvenation Exercises Work Book offers you a short cut to finding and reviewing specific instructions that I give on the DVD and in detail in a written format. It also offers extra information about the Mayansthat is not on the DVD.


Your potential awaits you,

Patricia Morris Cardona

* Believe it or not, I'm 58 years old. But none of my youthfulness was created by surgery or drugs or supplements. My youthfulness comes from ancient Mayan health secrets that will help you turn back the clock on how you LOOK and FEEL.